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Is alcohol bad for your teeth?

is alcohol bad for your teeth

As long as you drink responsibly, alcohol can be part of a healthy diet. However, even moderate alcohol consumption can increase your risk of oral health problems, especially if you also smoke and don't take good care of your teeth.[1] This month, many Australians are giving up alcohol for Dry July... Continue reading

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Bleeding Gums When Brushing; a Plethora of Problems

bleeding gums

What It Means When Your Gums Are Bleeding Let us establish that bleeding gums are an indicator that something is wrong. Under no circumstances is it normal for your gums to bleed, whether it is from brushing or flossing too hard or an oral related issue, your gums should not bleed. When you brush ... Continue reading

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Winter Snacks to curb your sweet tooth and protect your teeth!

Winter Snacks to curb your sweet tooth and protect your teeth!

Minimise your sugar intake and cavity risk with these cheeky tricks to winter treats! Tewantin Dental Centre knows that winter beckons comfort food which can only mean one thing: chocolate and sugar. Sugar is a very damaging ingredient to dental hygiene as it stimulates plaque growth which can resu... Continue reading

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Top 5 foods that will keep you smiling

Top 5 foods that will keep you smiling

It can be difficult to maintain oral health, but with these foods it may be easier than you think… Many people take their teeth for granted, and forget that once they are lost they can create a wide range of health issues. At Tewantin Dental, we have compiled a list of foods that do just a g... Continue reading

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Overseas PM gives a speech with a toothache!

Overseas PM gives a speech with a toothache

The head of the Pakistani government spoke for hours with a fever and toothache! At a conference held overseas, the PM gave a lengthy speech even through a fever and severe toothache. After the speech was concluded he was rushed to his dentist who then performed an extraction of the tooth! If you ... Continue reading

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Man claims souvenir from shark attack

Shark attack leaves tooth in victim’s foot

Shark attack leaves tooth in victim’s foot Andrew Birchall has been surfing for over 30 years, and never thought he would be attacked by a shark. While surfing off the coast of Florida, he got a rude shock after a shark bit his leg, leaving three rows of teeth marks on his body and a tooth lo... Continue reading

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Protect your teeth from sports-related injury with a custom made mouth guard from Tewantin Dental Centre

mouth guards

If you play any contact sport then you will be familiar with mouth guards. They are plastic guards, usually worn over the mouth and lips during sporting activities such as rugby, soccer and hockey, to protect the teeth from damage. Every year mouth guards are estimated to prevent more than 200,000 ... Continue reading

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