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Is Children's Dental Care Free? CDBS Explained

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Tooth decay in children is a growing problem in Australia. Regular dental visits improve the chance that decay can be spotted early before it causes serious damage or tooth loss. Dentists can also offer guidance for children and their parents about the best way to care for their developing teeth and... Continue reading

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Protect your kids' teeth with custom mouthguards

Protect Kids Teeth with Mouthguards

When you're taking care of the back to school supplies, one thing you shouldn't overlook is a sports mouthguard. Whether your child plays rugby, hockey or any other activity that puts their mouth at risk of injury, a mouthguard can offer vital protection. It could prevent their teeth from getting c... Continue reading

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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

How to Prepare Your Child for their First Dental Visit

Visiting Your Dentist Can Be a Fun Experience! It seems that a trip to the dentist's office has garnered some scary connotations, yet where do these come from? We believe that allowing your children to build a healthy relationship with their dentist early on will eliminate the fear that can come... Continue reading

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A dental assistance change is coming!

In 2014 the Australian Government is changing the assistance provided to families with children requiring dental treatment. The new changes replace the existing Medicare Teen Dental Plan and extend to a larger number of children. What is the change? Replacing the Medicare Teen Dental Plan is the C... Continue reading

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Protect your teeth from sports-related injury with a custom made mouth guard from Tewantin Dental Centre

mouth guards

If you play any contact sport then you will be familiar with mouth guards. They are plastic guards, usually worn over the mouth and lips during sporting activities such as rugby, soccer and hockey, to protect the teeth from damage. Every year mouth guards are estimated to prevent more than 200,000 ... Continue reading

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