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Winter Snacks to curb your sweet tooth and protect your teeth!

Winter Snacks to curb your sweet tooth and protect your teeth!

Minimise your sugar intake and cavity risk with these cheeky tricks to winter treats! Tewantin Dental Centre knows that winter beckons comfort food which can only mean one thing: chocolate and sugar. Sugar is a very damaging ingredient to dental hygiene as it stimulates plaque growth which can resu... Continue reading

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A Step Closer to Growing Natural Teeth

A step closer to growing natural teeth

Can You Regenerate Your Natural Teeth? Scientists are Stepping Ever Closer to Achieving Their Goal A professor from a prestigious overseas college has spent the last 13 years studying ways to regrow teeth; roots and all. How does he propose to do this? Well in part adult stem cells taken from gum ... Continue reading

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Top 5 foods that will keep you smiling

Top 5 foods that will keep you smiling

It can be difficult to maintain oral health, but with these foods it may be easier than you think… Many people take their teeth for granted, and forget that once they are lost they can create a wide range of health issues. At Tewantin Dental, we have compiled a list of foods that do just a g... Continue reading

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5 Fluoride Myths Debunked

fluoride myths debunked

Tooth decay is a growing problem in Australia, but without water fluoridation it would likely be much worse. Fluoridation is the process of adding a small amount of fluoride to water supplies to help improve oral health in communities, but it also has its opponents who claim that fluoride is hazardo... Continue reading

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