Winter Snacks to curb your sweet tooth and protect your teeth!

Minimise your sugar intake and cavity risk with these cheeky tricks to winter treats!

Tewantin Dental Centre knows that winter beckons comfort food which can only mean one thing: chocolate and sugar. Sugar is a very damaging ingredient to dental hygiene as it stimulates plaque growth which can result in cavities and periodontitis which in turn has been proven to be linked to cancer cells as well as heart complications.

How does periodontitis affect the teeth?

Periodontitis is severe plaque build up and can affect the teeth by eroding the enamel or deteriorating the rest of the tooth which is referred to as a cavity. Once this cavity is created you will experience pain and uncomfortableness and your dentist will be left with three choices depending on the severity of your infection:

  • Place a tooth coloured filling in the cavity
  • Place a crown over the tooth to prevent nerve and further damage
  • Remove the tooth entirely to ensure periodontitis or plaque does not affect the rest of the mouth

We all know that sugar is not good for us or our dental hygiene, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of sugar minimising winter treats so you can still enjoy the cold even without your sugary winter snacks.

1. Sugar Free Chocolate
No we’re not april-fooling you. Sugar free chocolate is real and can be bought at most grocery stores from the health food isle or a specialised health food store. It tastes similar to real chocolate though it has a different, meltier consistency.

Dental health benefit: No sugar means a lessened chance of harmful processed chemicals entering your body. This means a reduced chance of cavities and plaque which can cause periodontitis.

2. Caramelised Spiced Pears
This recipe utilises the natural sweetness of pears and the dimensional flavours of cinnamon, ginger and lemon to create an illusion of decadence. To caramelise the pears you can use butter and a sprinkling of brown sugar, and to add a little bitter twang to your pears simply add a small pinch of salt. This will keep it going sickeningly sweet.

Dental health benefit: The pears contain fructose which is sugar naturally found in fruit. This means that your body is getting less processed sugar and therefore is avoiding the health complications that can be caused by it including a lowered risk of cavities.

3. Banana Soft-serve
To make this delicious snack you will need a food processor and 2 bananas per serve. In order to get the consistency of soft-serve simply freeze your bananas over night and then peel and put them in a food processor. If it’s not sweet enough for you simply add a little artificial sweetening or some grated almonds to give it a lovely sundae feel!

Dental health benefit: With only natural fructose sugar (and not a lot of it) banana soft-serve is the perfect snack after a healthy meal. It won’t harm your teeth and you can feel good about being healthy.

4. Sugar-free Muffins
Make your sugar-free muffins out of whole wheat flour, eggs and blueberries. For an even better winter snack serve them warm. This versatile treat can be eaten as a snack or breakfast food.

Dental health benefits: This snack boasts no added sugar and is a healthy breakfast option for your teeth. It’s much healthier than having Nutella on toast or a hot chocolate to warm yourself up.

All of these foods should still be eaten in moderation and you should always be aware of added preservatives and fructose sugar which can still negatively affect the teeth, although not as drastically as processed sugar.

In order to keep on top of your dental health including cavities and periodontitis symptoms, we firmly recommend that you visit us at Tewantin Dental Centre at least twice a year. This ensures your teeth receive a thorough clean which is necessary to rid plaque which can build up and solidify on the teeth.

If you would like to find out more about dental hygiene please book an appointment with Tewantin Dental Centre by contacting us here.