Why should I choose a holistic dentist?

Holistic Dentistry at Tewantin Dental Centre is About Providing Dental Treatments That Are Safe For Your Body and the Environment

At Tewantin Dental Centre we offer a holistic approach to dentistry from our Noosa dental practice. We believe it is important to incorporate the whole body when treating the teeth and mouth using safe materials that protect our patients and the environment.

The Holistic Dentistry Approach

The main focus of a holistic dentist is to treat the body as a connected entity. The mouth has a pivotal role amongst the whole body as it is the entry passage for everything we consume. This means that disruption in function will have an effect on the entire body.

Infections in the gums, teeth, and jawbone have an impact on the body as a whole. Studies have shown links between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease as well some diabetic issues. Find out more here.We believe treating and caring for the mouth and teeth is extremely important in maintaining overall health and well-being.

This also means that when we treat the mouth and teeth we are mindful of the effects this will have on the rest of the body.

Amalgam Fillings and Your Health

Traditional amalgam fillings and restorations contain mercury and a combination of silver, tin and copper. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in excess, can lead to a range of health issues including autoimmune disease, neurological issues, mental disorders and other chronic illnesses. Amalgam fillings expose patients to mercury vapours and the levels of exposure can dramatically increase for individuals who grind their teeth, chew gum or consume carbonated drinks.

Mercury and the Environment

A study released in the Australian Dental Journal found that if dental mercury is not properly disposed of it can have harmful effects on the environment. When dental mercury is disposed of improperly it is believed to contribute to mercury emission that can lead to issues such as water contamination.

Safe Treatments

Holistic dentistry combines natural health concepts with innovative technology and conventional procedures to provide a safe method of looking after overall oral and physical health. At Tewantin Dental Centre we are mindful of the environment and utilise biocompatible, non-toxic materials.

Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings at Tewantin Dental Noosa

Due to environmental and health concerns, we do not use amalgam fillings for our restorative treatments. We offer safe removal of these old fillings to our patients.

If you are concerned about your current fillings or are suffering from symptoms of fatigue, book a consultation with a holistic dentist today. Tewantin Dental Centre is the first established dentist in Noosa, in operation for over 45 years.