Top Foods to Avoid for a Beautiful White Smile

Keeping your smile beautiful may be more difficult than you think…

So, you’ve just got your teeth beautifully and expertly cleaned, whitened and brightened – this is the easy part!

Now you’ve got to try and keep them beautiful, and at Tewantin Dental Centre we know how you can best keep your smile white, bright and brilliant with our great dental tips.

Others notice your smile before any other facial feature, so why let it become stained, yellowed or discoloured, especially when you have just exerted effort into beautifying them? In order to keep your smile as healthy and aesthetically pleasing as possible, we have compiled the top tooth staining foods to stay away from. Discover how you can maintain a beautifully white smile below…

1. Red wine is a major player in tooth discolouration…
While red wine may have a myriad of health benefits for the body, it is best to abstain from drinking it to avoid unnecessary stains – on your clothes or on your smile! Red wine contains a mix of dyes and acids – a bad combination for your teeth! One etches at your tooth enamel, the other seeps into the pores, effectively staining you teeth. If you must drink wine, be sure to rinse afterwards, and do not brush straight after, this can actually hinder your oral health.

2. Black coffee is a primary cause of tooth stains…
Black coffee is deeply pigmented, which means it can stain your smile quite quickly. If you are a big coffee drinker, try and dilute it by adding milk. Caffeine in coffee (and other drinks) can also interfere with the production of natural saliva in the mouth, and as saliva is the first defence your mouth has, those that drink caffeinated beverages are more likely to suffer tooth decay.

3. Dark tea darkens your smile…
Dark drinks such as dark tea or dark coloured soft drinks such as cola are all responsible for the staining and discolouration of your smile! Soft drinks are considerably worse as they also erode the enamel of your teeth which further damages your oral health.

4. Stick to ice and stay away from frozen treats or ice blocks…
Although refreshing, ice blocks and other frozen treats are full of sugar, and because they require melting within the mouth, it means they are in contact with your teeth for longer. This means more damage to your teeth and gums, and more chance of developing decay, along with tooth discolouration. Remember, if it can stain your tongue, it can stain your teeth!

5. Here’s the kicker: tomato sauce!
It’s a condiment that many Australians love, and it also one that is harmful to the appearance of your smile. Tomato sauce contains acetic acid, which can permanently damage your teeth by thinning the enamel. Keep the condiment at a distance to keep your smile beautiful.

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