composite bonding

If you suffer from chipped, cracked or severely discoloured teeth and want to retain as much of your natural tooth as possible, then composite bonding is a great alternative to veneers.

Strength and beauty

Composite resin can be used to replace and restore tooth structure, and is made from a tooth-coloured combination of plastic-based matrix with inorganic glass filler. A joining agent is used to strengthen the bond. The glass filler provides resistance as well as translucency, and allows for strength and aesthetics. The ratio of the two materials usually depends on where the composite is to be bonded. If to the back teeth, then a greater amount of filler may be required to provide more strength.

Perfect colour matching for a natural result

The composite resin is usually bonded directly to the healthy tooth structure through a series of microscopic locks in the natural tooth substance, and unlike the attaching of veneers, does not require any of the tooth surface to be removed. The resin can be matched to the natural tooth colour almost perfectly, and allows for a natural and lifelike result, which is almost impossible to discern from the natural tooth. They are quick and easy to attach, and often patients only need to visit the dentist once.

Ideal for Teenagers

Composite bonds are ideal for teenagers whose upper and lower jaws are still developing, because attaching a more permanent veneer may affect the long term health of the teeth and gums.

Finest treatments, highest quality materials
The experienced dental professionals at Tewantin Dental Clinic are committed to providing the finest dental treatments tailored specifically to your needs. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that patients are 100% happy with their results.

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