mouth guards

If you play any contact sport then you will be familiar with mouth guards.

They are plastic guards, usually worn over the mouth and lips during sporting activities such as rugby, soccer and hockey, to protect the teeth from damage. Every year mouth guards are estimated to prevent more than 200,000 injuries, and are an essential requirement for participating in many sports.

Perfect fit, ultimate protection

According to Dr Ray Padilla, past President of the Academy of Sports Dentistry, the most effective mouth guards are ones that have been custom designed and made by a dental professional, according to the specific needs of the athlete and the unique shape of their mouth.

Here at Tewantin Dental Centre, we take your individual needs into account and custom make our mouth guards to ensure a perfect fit for the ultimate protection. After an initial consultation to discuss your individual sporting requirements, an impression will be made of your upper dental arch and a model poured. Using this model, a mouth guard will be fabricated from resilient and tear resistant material, according to your unique mouth structure. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of the mouth guard, and guarantees the best in comfort, fit and protection.

Protect against damage

Wearing a mouth guard can prevent chipped and broken teeth, damage to the nerves, tooth loss and jaw fractures and are recommended for both adults and children who participate in contact sports.

If you would like to find out more about the custom made mouth guards available at Tewantin Dental Centre and would like to make an appointment at our practice in Noosa, then please contact us.