safe and effective dental treatments

At Tewantin dental we believe in using safe and effective dental treatments…

Have you experienced a dental filling that is metallic and leaves a bad taste in the mouth? These metallic fillings are called amalgam restorations, and there is speculation that the alloy that contains around 50% mercury can be considered hazardous to your health. This type of filling has been used in dental care for over one hundred years, however we have found that many of our patients are turning to the non-toxic, safe and virtually invisible tooth-coloured restorations as an alternative.

Why amalgam is considered dangerous…

  • Mercury Vapour – Amalgam fillings are made up of an alloy that contains potentially toxic mercury, and it is possible that amalgam fillings release a mercury vapour in the mouth. The medical community is divided over whether this mercury poses a health risk, but regardless it is a substance that is hazardous to the environment, and at Tewantin Dental Centre our biggest priority is providing you with high quality treatments that are safe.
  • Higher risk of tooth damage – Amalgam fillings tend to expand and contract in response to changes in temperature, and can cause your tooth structure to crack or split.
  • Do not form a complete seal – Amalgam fillings are basically packed into the site of decay, and do not completely seal the cavity. Due to this, it is possible for decay to continue even underneath the alloy restoration.
  • Aesthetically unappealing – This type of dental restoration is dark metallic in colour and does not blend with the natural colour of the tooth enamel. It is also possible for amalgam to stain your tooth!

At Tewantin Dental Centre we can safely remove your amalgam fillings…

Mercury is known to be one of the most toxic elements, so it is understandable for many to wish to have their old amalgam fillings removed. When seeking the removal of amalgam fillings, it is important to choose a dental professional who implements the necessary precautions when removing your hazardous amalgam filling. Our own Dr Banic utilises the following protocols to ensure your safety:

  • A rubber dam is used while removing your amalgam filling. This ensures you do not ingest any of the toxic material.
  • High strength suction is used; this will help to avoid mercury recirculation.
  • We also may administer medical air to prevent any mercury vapour from being inhaled during the procedure.

Our amalgam alternative…

We do not use amalgam fillings at our Noosa dental practice; instead we offer tooth-coloured restorations or ‘white fillings’. These white fillings are a favoured cosmetic option as they are made to the colour and shade of your natural tooth enamel, rendering them virtually invisible! White fillings also do not do any further damage to your tooth structure, and can be shaped and polished to match the natural shape and colour of your tooth structure!

Maintain the integrity of your tooth…

The benefits of white fillings far surpass the old, traditional amalgam filling. These benefits include:

  • They are bonded to the tooth surface – this means no further extraction is required
  • We can polish them to match the natural colour and shape of your tooth
  • Does not react to temperature changes within the mouth
  • Mercury free!
  • Strong and durable restoration that is able to last for up to 10 years

To discover more about safe amalgam removal, our tooth-coloured restorations or to book an appointment at our Noosa dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.