Visiting Your Dentist Can Be a Fun Experience!

It seems that a trip to the dentist's office has garnered some scary connotations, yet where do these come from?

How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

We believe that allowing your children to build a healthy relationship with their dentist early on will eliminate the fear that can come later on in life. So we’ve put together some information to ensure your child has positive feelings towards the dentist and their oral health. Tewantin Dental Centre is committed to providing dental solutions for all ages, especially children. Contact us to book an appointment today.

Start The Dental Experience When They Are Young

Bringing your child to the dentist in a positive and supportive environment can help them to associate good feelings with oral health and dental visits early on. You are able to take your child to the dentist from when their first teeth erupt; we do suggest that every child visit the dentist at least by the time they have all of their baby teeth.

Their Baby Teeth Are More Permanent Than You Know

Yes, your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out. However, did you know that their baby teeth can affect the health of their forthcoming adult teeth? Baby teeth act as placeholders for the adult teeth, and if not taken care of, they can suffer decay and gum tissue damage. Their gums will eventually house their adult teeth, and if they are not in good health this can affect the health of their adult teeth. It’s important to teach your children good habits early on.

Make Brushing Fun!

Building these good habits early on can have a great impact on how your children treat their teeth for the rest of their life. This is why we suggest making brushing and flossing fun. Remember – the cheapest cavity is the one they never get!

Seal It Up

It’s becoming more and more popular for children to have a sealant placed over their adult molars. Sealants can help protect the teeth from cavity for many years as it sits in between the fissures of the teeth where cavities commonly form. The process is quick and painless and can be very successful in the long run. Ask your dentist about sealants and whether a sealant is right for your child.

Avoid Bribery

Many parents prepare their children for the dentist by promising a treat afterwards, like a lollipop. Not only does this send the wrong message about oral health, it can also cause apprehension about the visit because they now know it will be bad or uncomfortable if they get a treat for it. We suggest general encouragement and a positive attitude throughout the whole experience.

It’s a Necessity, Not a Choice

Explain to your child that visiting the dentist twice a year, every year is a necessity. This will encourage them to make dental visits a habit, not just when they suffer from a toothache and the problem has worsened.

Local Children's Dentist in Tewantin and Noosa

The choices you make for your children and their oral health early on will be a precursor for the health of their teeth for the rest of their life. The team at Tewantin Dental Centre are committed to providing a comfortable, supportive and encouraging environment for your children so that they can associate positive memories with the dentist. Read more about children's dentistry here. Tewantin Dental Centre is your local dentist, serving patients of all ages including children in Noosa, Noosaville, Sunshine Coast, and more! Contact us today to arrange an appointment for your child.