Holistic Dentistry: an Overall Approach to Health

The Connection Between Oral, Physical, and Mental Health

Alternative health solutions are becoming more and more popular in today’s culture, which is why holistic dentistry is appealing to many of our patients.

Holistic dentistry is a modern concept that looks to achieve better oral health and overall health for the patient. Here at Tewantin Dental Care Centre, we believe in combining natural health concepts with conventional medicine. Holistic dentistry takes into account how the entire body responds to dental care and looks to treat our patients with their overall health in mind.

The Way Forward with Dentistry

For those of you who are looking for alternative solutions to health care, then our holistic approach to dentistry could be the solution for you! Alternative health solutions like acupuncture, naturopathy or homoeopathy are all modern day solutions for your health that look to achieve wellness through natural, less invasive solutions. Holistic dentistry does this too! We look to see the connection between dental problems and medical conditions. Evidence has been found showing the connection between periodontitis and cardiovascular and diabetic issues. Oral cancer can also lead to cancer elsewhere in the body if left untreated and undetected. Here at Tewantin Dental Care Centre our dentist Dr Alex Banic will assess your mouth and determine the root cause of your dental concerns in relation to your overall health and wellbeing.

Getting to the Root of the Problem with Holistic Dentistry

We will always assess your mouth first to understand more about your oral environment and to get a better understanding of what we can do to treat your dental concerns. Dr Alex Banic prides himself on building relationships with his patients and takes a genuine interest in his patients’ lives and interests. A predominate concept of holistic dentistry includes understanding the impact that infections in the gums, teeth or jawbone have on the entire nervous system.

Common Conditions Treated and Diagnosed with a Holistic Approach

When using a holistic approach to dentistry we often asses your entire mouth and jaw, in particular, the temporomandibular joint. When assessing your temporomandibular joint, we can look for signs of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). TMD can cause regular headaches which can impact concentration. Through holistic dentistry, we can discover techniques and treatment that may help with your TMD. We also commonly treat patients who are suffering from sleep apnoea; this condition can lead to fatigue and cardiovascular concerns which are a concern for your overall health. Holistic dentistry also helps treat and discover the signs of gum disease and gingivitis which can lead to more serious health problems if left untreated.

What Can Holistic Dentistry Do For You?

When we treat our patients at Tewantin Dental Care Centre we always consider a holistic approach to treatment and diagnosis. During your general check-ups we will discuss any health concerns you may have; dental or otherwise, and do a full mouth assessment to discover early signs of dental conditions. We believe in preventative care, including regular cleaning and dental education.

As a part of our holistic approach, we believe in using natural alternatives with conventional methods. With that, we ensure that our restorations are mercury free with the use of white fillings over amalgam ones. As part of our overarching approach, we can also provide advice on nutrition which can affect your teeth and your general health.

We recommend visiting Tewantin Dental Care Centre twice yearly for your general check-ups unless discomfort occurs in between appointments. Our holistic approach can help treat your dental needs while ensuring your overall health is taken into consideration.

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