do you need a root canal?

How Do You Know If You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy, or endodontics, has commonly been given a bad rap as it is considered a painful treatment. However, root canal therapy aims to actually stop the pain of an infected tooth.

This type of treatment is incredibly common. It aims to remove infected pulp from the inside of your tooth and in doing so stop the pain. This means we are able to restore the function and aesthetic of a damaged tooth and increase its strength.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

The internal makeup of teeth includes a soft tissue called pulp, this is where the blood vessels and nerves are located, and it is also the source of any tooth pain. This area can become inflamed and infected if a tooth is weakened by

  • Decay that reaches the internal layers
  • A number of fillings or treatments on the same tooth
  • A trauma to the tooth
  • A crack or break in the tooth.

Infection of tooth pulp and nerves leads to a lot of pain for the patient. The infection can spread to the gums and other teeth so it is important that once you begin to feel pain you come into Tewantin Dental Centre for an assessment. A root canal is the best way to treat this internal issue; however, it is important that we individually assess each case to provide the best treatment plan for you.

Other signs that you may need a root canal treatment:

  • Jaw pain
  • The tooth turning a grey or dull colour
  • Mouth and gum swelling
  • Tenderness

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

The team at Tewantin Dental Centre can perform an endodontic treatment in one easy appointment. We apply a local anaesthetic to the area throughout the treatment to alleviate the pain level.

We will then use a plastic dam to isolate the tooth and reduce the risk of any saliva or bacteria entering the site. We will enter the tooth through a tiny hole and remove the painful tissue. The tooth will be flushed with an antiseptic, again aiming to reduce any further infection, and then filled in with a custom fitting filling.

Even after this process, some teeth are too weak from the damage or previous trauma to be functional on their own. In these cases, we will apply a crown over the tooth to increase the strength and durability.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Often, the pain caused by the infected nerve is associated with the root canal treatment. The team at Tewantin Dental Centre always use a local anaesthetic when giving a root canal treatment and are consistently gentle in dentistry techniques. You may find the treatment similar to a routine filling.

For Further Information on the Treatment and Procedure

Tewantin Dental Centre is proud to be one of the most trusted dental centres in Noosa. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your mouth or jaw, contact us as soon as you are able to schedule an appointment.