Discussing Sports this Dental Health Week

A Focus on Sports and Oral Health

This August, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has chosen to focus on sports and oral health. Find out what the ADA is calling the “Seven Sporting Sins” with our mini summary of their findings.

The Seven Sporting Sins

1. Why Do You Drink Sports Drinks?

Is it because you are participating in high-intensity sporting activities on a regular basis? Or is it simply because you like the taste?

People are constantly consuming sports drinks – even without exercising. These kinds of so-called hydrating, performance-boosting beverages are often stocked with sugars and acids. The other concern is that people tend to sip on their sports drinks rather than consuming them in one go. This means that your teeth are exposed to the sugary and acidic drinks for longer, which increases your risk of tooth decay.

Tips to lower your risk of decay:

The most obvious tip would be to minimise your consumption of these products and check the sugar levels on the labels before buying. Use straws to minimise the contact the drinks have with your teeth and visit the dentist regularly.

2. Not Wearing a Mouthguard

According to the Better Health Channel, about 2,000 dental injuries were treated in Victorian hospitals alone between 2002 and 2004. 71% of those injuries were people under the age of 25. Wearing a custom-made mouthguard from the dentist while participating in sport will help to protect you from dental injuries during sports.

As part of the ADA’s commitment to the promotion of oral health, the ADA is offering seven $1,000 grants to sporting clubs and schools in Australia who implement the ADA’s Mouthguard Policy and promote mouthguard awareness and injury prevention. Click here for more information.

3. Grazing and Snacking Too Often

Tooth decay is caused by contact with food and drinks. If you are snacking often, you are exposing your teeth to bacteria on a regular basis. The bacteria build-up on the teeth (plaque and tartar) will slowly eat away at the enamel throughout the day which can cause tooth decay.

Tips to lower your risk of decay:

If you need to snack, snack on foods that are low sugar and have a high nutritional value. Stick to fresh produce where you can and compare labels for sugar content. If sugar is in the top 3 ingredients, consider something else instead.

4. Avoiding the Dentist

Busy training, lifestyle, and work schedules can leave you leaning closer towards an ‘I don’t have enough time for the dentist’ attitude. Having a healthy mouth can help you feel fresh and keep you on top of your oral hygiene routine. Decay and gum health can cause pain and use more energy in the long run so seek advice from a dentist and keep up with your 6-month visits.

5. Not Knowing Proper Emergency Procedures

What do you know about dental emergencies? Take time to learn the most important dental emergency steps to take by clicking through our dental emergencies service page here. We cover what to do if you knock out a tooth, break a tooth, lose a filling, and more.

6. Not Drinking Enough Water

Perform at your best by staying hydrated. The ADA recommends that you consume tap water as it is hydrating, has no sugar and has added fluoride for your teeth.

7. Running Out the Door Before Your Morning Brush

Sticking to a healthy routine goes beyond your physique alone. Healthy routines need to also include your morning and evening brush, your daily floss and a balanced diet to keep your teeth for life. You should be brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day. If you snack regularly you may even like to consider brushing a third time so that you can keep your teeth, gums and bone in optimal oral health.

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