Dental Implants: Your Journey with Us

Dental implants have been used for centuries and since then dentists have perfected the procedure to what it is today

Here at Tewantin Dental Centre, your local dentist in Noosa, we offer dental implants as one of our standard restorative treatments in order to help patients regain their smile. It may surprise you to know that the first sign of dental implants was seen as far back as 600 A.D. where other objects were used in place of teeth by the Mayan civilisation. Dental implantology has come a long way since then and now we can offer the dental implant procedure, using high quality and durable restorations that are trusted for their stability and natural looking appearance.

Your Dental Implant Journey Will Depend on the Number of Lost Teeth

While dental implants are commonly used as single restorations for an individual missing tooth they can also be used to support a dental bridge or support a full arch restoration. There are many reasons why you may lose a tooth and dental implants are the best way to fill in the gap and make sure that the function and appearance of your smile is not compromised.

A normal general dental implant will be installed into the area of your mouth where you have lost a tooth. The dental implant itself which is a small titanium fixture will be inserted into your jaw. Titanium is used because it is a biocompatible material that bonds with the jawbone. This process is called osseointegration and it is why dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss which is extremely beneficial when compared to dentures which are often removable or not fixed or as stable. During the osseointegration process, it will be required that you stick to eating soft, easy to eat foods for the first couple of months. This will ensure that the implant stays in its intended position for optimal infusion with the jawbone.

Once this is complete your dentist at Tewantin Dental Centre will be able to install a permanent dental implant crown for optimal function and appearance. Your dental implant crown will be moulded specifically from your natural smile so that it can be fitted properly and look cohesive in accordance with your natural teeth.

A Full Arch and Bridge Restoration Using Dental Implants

A full arch restoration using dental implants will generally require four dental implants per bridge. These will provide the permanent support for a full arch that will appear like a denture at first, although it will be permanently fixed to your mouth via your dental implants. An entire arch will generally be a combination of prosthetic gum and a bridge of false teeth which will appear just like your natural smile.

When it comes to a dental implant supported bridge, they will generally only be used towards the back of the mouth or when there has been significant, but not full tooth loss. Our priority will always be keeping your natural teeth rather than removing them, which is why we will fill in the gap using a partial solution such as a bridge rather than removing your teeth and opting for a full arch restoration or denture. A dental implant will often be inserted at the back of your mouth if you have lost a number of teeth near your rear molars. This is because there needs to be a support mechanism at the back of the mouth in order to support a dental bridge. In this case, the bridge will have two exterior crowns, one of which will attach to your dental implant and the other will attach to your natural tooth. In between the two crowns will be a pontic which is a solid false tooth designed to fill in the gap.

Dental Implants are Your Third Set of Teeth

Dr Alex Banic and his team of dental professionals at Tewantin Dental Centre will take care when performing any dental implant procedures. This is imperative as the mouth is a delicate realm where procedures can go wrong if they are not performed with the utmost care and consideration for patients. Part of our care for you will also involve recommending that you replace any missing teeth because your teeth will migrate if they are not supported by each other. Think of your smile like a bookcase, if one book is removed then it is likely that the others will fall to fill in the gap. This same effect occurs when you remove a tooth, your healthy teeth can move and even become slanted and crooked.

If you’re missing a tooth be proactive and come and visit Tewantin Dental Centre today! Find out the full process of the dental implant treatment here.

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