Avoid the ‘fake’ smile with quality dentist applied teeth whitening

Things You Should Know About The Whitening Process

Teeth whitening provided by a professional at Tewantin Dental Centre means you’ll be left with a radiant natural smile, not the glaring white you’re fearful of.

At Tewantin Dental Centre we are often asked about the level of whiteness a patient can receive after undergoing one of our teeth whitening treatments. Many are worried their teeth will become ‘too white’ or change to a grey shade; this will never be the case with treatments applied by our professional team and is one of the key reasons we strongly recommend the KöR whitening system.

How Do You Measure the Whitening of Teeth?

radiant smile at tewantin dental centre

To put it simply teeth are graded on a shade scale. There are four different scales as shown in the image from Colgate above, these include A (reddish brown), B (reddish yellow), C (gray) and D (reddish gray).

During your initial consultation for teeth whitening, our dentists will grade your teeth by comparing the samples on the scale to your teeth. Once your whitening treatment is complete we will be able to compare the original shade to your new white smile.

What Level of Whitening Can I Expect?

The level of whitening achieved is different for everyone. At your consultation our team of dentists can provide a guide of what you can expect. This depends on a number of factors including:

  • What has caused your teeth to stain (smoking, food, tea, coffee, wine etc)
  • The health of your teeth
  • Your age
  • The level of treatment undertaken
  • Whether your teeth are stained from the inside out*

While factors such as your diet and age will have impacted the shade of your teeth pre-treatment, our teeth whitening treatments are suitable for everyone. Easy home maintenance will ensure your results last long into the future as the KöR Whitening system is permanent.

*If your teeth are stained from the inside-out, teeth whitening treatments will not work for you. This is why it is very important that you consult with Tewantin Dental Centre to ensure this is not the case.

What Happens If I have Veneers, Crowns, or Dental Implants?

If you have veneers, crowns, dental implants or fillings on your front teeth the whitening treatment will not work on them. It is very important that you discuss this with your dentist as you do not want different shades impacting your smile.

I’ve Heard That Teeth Whitening Can Be Unsafe, What Makes KöR Whitening Different?

The teeth whitening treatments that we use at Tewantin Dental Centre have been clinically studied and safely used on millions of patients without causing harm to the teeth or gums.

While there has been some controversy in the media regarding the safety of tooth whitening treatments, this has been in regards to some of the many at home treatments that are purchasable in supermarkets, cosmetic stores, and some pharmacies.

We have safely performed over a thousand teeth whitening treatments successfully.

What Are My Treatment Options?

At Tewantin Dental Centre our dentists offer five different tooth whitening treatment options. These include:

  1. Max Ultra – the most effective KöR Whitening option, suitable for those who want extremely white teeth or those who require higher level treatment.
  2. Max – an extremely effective solution that provides very white teeth for most people.
  3. Standard – an at home whitening treatment with an in-chair follow up applying a milder gel than the Max option.
  4. KöR Night – an at-home only treatment perfect for brightening up your smile without the instant WOW effect.
  5. KöR Day – an at-home treatment perfect for day time usage and for those who have previously conditioned enamel or young teeth.

If you would like a teeth whitening treatment for a brighter smile request a consultation with Tewantin Dental Centre or call 07 5447 1361! Our Noosa dentists serve patients from Tewantin, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, and more!