Mouth Guards

Mouth guards will help protect you from experiencing chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage or even the loss of a tooth.

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a covering worn over the teeth for protection of the mouth and lips during sporting activities. It is a comfortable tool that is used to protect the integrity of your teeth, jaw and even neck and should be worn during all sporting activities no matter whether you’re an adult or if it’s for your child.

custom fitted mouthguard

Protect your children’s smile

At Tewantin Dental Centre we recommend a mouth guard for children and adults participating in any contact sports such as soccer, rugby, hockey or any sports which pose a risk to the teeth.

Not only does it directly protect the teeth but it also protects:

  • Your jaw joint from injury
  • Your soft tissue from trauma
  • Your neck from jaw and neck injuries
  • And in some cases it can even help reduce concussion!

How do mouth guards work?

The way it protects your teeth and orofacial area from trauma is by cushioning the impact of the hockey stick, cricket ball or whatever item is involved in the collision. This means that you or your child will be able to play whatever sport interests them with much more freedom. As a parent this will also allow you to cheer from the sidelines without worrying about your child’s dental health.

Why should I visit my dentist when I can buy a mouth guard from a chemist or sport’s store?

The Australia Dental Association (ADA) recommends wearing a custom fitted mouth guard for optimised protection and well-being. Here at Tewantin Dental Centre, mouth guards are made here in surgery from an impression which is taken of the upper dental arch. A custom-made design is more likely to stay in your mouth during motion and protect your teeth from damage during game play. If your mouth guard feels uncomfortable please do not hesitate to bring it to Tewantin Dental Centre for an evaluation during your regular dental check-up.

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